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Teia Teia Teia Teia Teia Teia Teia Teia Teia Teia Teia Teia

Teia, 2007-2009

Audiovisual interactive performance (collective creation), 20'.

Premiered at Re:New Digital Arts Festival, organized by Network for Cross-Disciplinary Studies of Music and Meaning, premiered at Huset i Magstrade Musikcafeen, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 17th 2008. Duration, 20 min.

TEIA is an interactive performance created by Ao Cubo and M-U-R-O Ensemble. The project is based on the concept of "capture", from de simple idea of capturing sounds via microphone to the imprisonment of an image, built under the watching of the public, and later "captured" in a screen in the background. The sound construction follows according to a specific script embracing unprocessed sounds to some textures with a great degree of density (using Max/MSP/Jitter), redefining and imposing ambiguities to the referential relation between image and sound result.


Lílian Campesato (conception/ performance)
Vitor Kisil (conception / interactive sound system)
Andrei Thomaz (conception / images)
Fernando Iazzetta (interactive image system/ images)
Alexandre Porres (performance)
Francisco Serpa (lightening)
Giuliano Obici (conception)
Valério Fiel da Costa (conception)
Alexandre Fenerich (conception)