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Drunk Hands Drunk Hands

Drunk Hands, 2013

Drunk Hands is a scene of a collective work entitled Transparency which was presented in an European tour during april 2013. The performance uses a new instrument designed by the authors based on a table, an usb camera and a microphone connected with two interactive systems developed on Max/MSP/Jitter environment. The gestures are restricted to the performer's hands tapping and scratching a table top. Both sounds and movements of the hands are captured and used to generate the audiovisual material for the piece.

This piece was composed by the collaboration with four different artists, Lílian Campesato, Fernando Iazzetta, Julian Jaramillo and Vitor Kisil. This version was played by Lílian Campesato and Fernando Iazzetta.

Drunk Hands.mp4 from Microfonias on Vimeo.