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De Perto De Perto De Perto De Perto De Perto

de perto [closer], 2015, stereo, 12:47 mins

Binaural acousmatic composition. Commissioned by A Gentil Carioca Gallery to integrate the installative work Modulo de escuta by Ricardo Basbaum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Exhibited between July and August, 2015. This is a piece dedicated to the listener. It was created for an intimate, individual listening, almost as if the sounds were heard as images that are not outside, in the world, but inside the head of the listener. It is therefore a private concert. The listener is turned into a voyeur, observing what the performer intends to show, while protected by the distance imposed by the sound recording. The binaural recording works like a magnifying glass revealing that intimate space through which the musician moves herself, capturing her breathing, her steps and her mistakes. As this space is being revealed, the border that separates sound from music becomes blurred: what is heard is at the same time rehearsal and performance, error and music, accident and intentionality. In fact, this border is no longer relevant. What matters is the intimacy, which is eventually broken when the listener hears that old Brazilian samba played by an improbable radio set.

Recorded at LAMI Studio - University of Sčo Paulo – 04/07/2015

Mixing: Fernando Iazzetta and Lílian Campesato

Acknowledgement to Fernando Iazzetta